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Leadership & Organizational Development

The Leadership and Organizational Development (LOD) Business Unit provides a coordinated suite of services designed to support the leadership and management of learning organizations. LOD services are organized around the conceptual framework called the Educational Alignment for Systemic Excellence (EASE).


The EASE framework combines universal management processes with specific support in the use of technology and human resources to support student achievement.

How does the leadership of a learning organization implement and sustain the changes demanded by the modern educational environment?

Leadership and Organizational Development
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Click the image to view CELT's EASE Brochure

EASE is a comprehensive model of learning organization management that begins with strategic planning, implementation, and management and continues through project management oversight, business process assessment and improvement, knowledge environment engineering, and organizational capacity building.


EASE places the Executive Leadership of an educational organization at the center of a process of continual improvement, surrounded by a set of powerful tools for managing organizational progress. This process is grounded on a firm foundation of data and research, and applies management tools that have proven their value in the private sector.


The EASE model is flexible and can be adapted to an organization’s particular needs. Implementation is based on a mentoring and facilitation model designed to build organizational capacity and realize sustainable benefits from the investment.

  • Balanced Scorecard Programming

  • Project Management Oversight

  • IT Organizational Development Assistance

  • Management Assessments

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Knowledge and Content Management Program

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