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Technology at School
Education Data Management
  • Performance Management Tools

  • Data Governance and Management Services

  • Enterprise Accountability System for Education (EASE)

  • Data Analysis and Accountability Strategies

  • School Improvement Planning Tools

  • Enterprise Portal Strategies

  • Data/Document Warehouse Assessment and Design

CELT designs and implements Decision Support Systems that help P-20 leaders make cost-effective decisions, promote an instructional focus, and address multiple accountability needs.

CELT's decision support model allows P-20 leaders to integrate curriculum and student information with finance, human resources, student records, library holdings, food service, transportation, facilities, and special education systems. An integrated performance management model makes information available and easily accessible for more effective decision-making that affects your constituencies - student, parent, classroom, school, district, state, and federal.


CELT is vendor-neutral, platform independent, and able to

provide the best solution to meet each learning organization’s

needs. On large scale projects CELT works with a variety of

partners/vendors selected to provide the best possible solution

for your organization. Decision support systems transform the

use of data to useful information that can be analyzed and

acted upon to make timely and accurate decisions. With a

decision support system, administrators can assess what

programs and services have the highest return-on-investment

related to student achievement. Administrators have actual

data that shows which staff development models and

programs are most effective in improving student learning. In

addition, student progress can be monitored accurately to

predict individual and overall academic success.

An opportunity to create a comprehensive multidimensional

decision support system focused on IMPROVED LEARNING!


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