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A Classroom Lecture

A Classroom Lecture

Happy Kids with Books

Happy Kids with Books

Walking to the Bus

Walking to the Bus

Our Clients

CELT's client list of learning organizations is as diverse as the services we provide!

This list summarizes CELT’s past/present client base.​ 

CELT maintains working relationships with 20-25 national education organizations.

  • Public schools (over 2,500)

  • Private schools (approx. 50)

  • Educational consortia/associations (approx. 65)

  • State departments of education (currently 45)

  • Ministries/Departments of Education (10 major initiatives)

  • Institutes of higher education (approx. 20)

  • Libraries and museums (approx. 30)

  • Government social service agencies (approx. 50)

  • Corporate learning organizations (currently 6)

  • Educational foundations (approx. 30)

CELT has successfully completed major IT project work for numerous large, urban as well as small, rural learning organizations.

CELT’s Experience and Partnerships

The Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT) is one of the leading, most comprehensive, and well-respected providers of research, planning, and implementation services for public/private schools, education service agencies, departments of education, institutions of higher education, national education associations, and major education foundations. CELT is a field-based research and planning organization that assists school districts in auditing, assessing, researching, planning, procuring, implementing, and integrating technology into all core education functions and business processes.

For reference, the following is an extensive list of learning organizations that CELT has successfully completed major IT project work for:

Large, Urban School Districts

The following is a selected list of other large urban school districts that CELT has successfully completed major IT project work for. We have included, in parenthesis, large urban school districts with whom we have conducted numerous engagements.

State Education Agencies

In addition to these large urban school districts, CELT has also worked with nearly all of the country’s State Education Agencies. These successful planning engagements include:

  • Birmingham City Schools, Alabama

  • Boston Public Schools, Massachusetts (3)

  • Boulder Valley School District, Colorado

  • Buffalo City Schools, New York (3)

  • Cambridge Public Schools, Massachusetts

  • Clark County Schools, Nevada

  • Colorado Springs School District, Colorado (6)

  • Columbus City Schools, Ohio

  • Concord Public Schools, New Hampshire

  • Dallas Independent School District, Texas

  • Denver Public Schools, Colorado (2)

  • Des Moines Public Schools, Iowa (4)

  • Detroit Public Schools, Michigan (7)

  • District of Columbia Schools, Washington, DC (2)

  • Fort Worth Independent School District, Texas (5)

  • Gwinnett County School District, Georgia (4)

  • Hartford Public Schools, Rhode Island

  • Houston Independent School District, Texas

  • Kent Intermediate School District, Michigan

  • Los Angeles Unified School District, California (5)

  • Lowell Public Schools, Massachusetts

  • Manchester Public Schools, New Hampshire

  • Metro-Nashville Schools, Tennessee (3)

  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Florida (4)

  • Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota

  • Muscogee County School District, Georgia (5)

  • New York City Public Schools, New York (3)

  • Orange County Public Schools, Florida (4)

  • Palm Beach County School District, Florida

  • Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pennsylvania

  • Portland Public Schools, Oregon (2)

  • Providence Public Schools, Rhode Island (4)

  • Racine Unified School District, Wisconsin (3)

  • Riverside Unified School District, California

  • Rochester Public Schools, New York

  • St. Lucie County Public Schools, Florida

  • San Francisco Unified School District, California

  • School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2)

  • Seattle Public Schools, Washington (2)

  • Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma

  • West Hartford Public Schools, Connecticut

  • Worcester Public Schools, Massachusetts

  • … and more!

  • Alabama Department of Education

  • Alaska Department of Education

  • Arizona Department of Education

  • Arkansas Department of Education

  • California Department of Education

  • Colorado Department of Education

  • Connecticut Department of Education

  • Delaware Department of Education

  • Florida Department of Education

  • Georgia Department of Education

  • Hawaii Department of Education

  • Idaho Department of Education

  • Illinois State Board of Education

  • Indiana Department of Education

  • Iowa Department of Education

  • Kentucky Department of Education

  • Louisiana Department of Education

  • Maine Department of Education

  • Maryland Department of Education

  • Massachusetts Department of Education

  • Michigan Department of Education

  • Minnesota Department of Education

  • Mississippi Department of Education

  • Missouri Department of Education

  • Nebraska Department of Education

  • Nevada Department of Education

  • New Hampshire Department of Education

  • New Jersey Department of Education

  • New Mexico Department of Education

  • New York Department of Education

  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

  • Ohio Department of Education

  • Oklahoma State Department of Education

  • Oregon Department of Education

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education

  • Rhode Island Department of Education

  • South Carolina Department of Education

  • Tennessee Department of Education

  • Texas Education Agency

  • Utah Department of Education

  • Vermont Department of Education

  • Virginia Department of Education

  • Washington Office Superintendent Public Instruction

  • West Virginia Department of Education

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

  • Wyoming Department of Education

Major Corporations and Philanthropic Foundations

CELT has past and present business partnerships with many philanthropic foundations and major corporations such as:

  • Accenture

  • Apple

  • Alvarez & Marsal

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

  • Comcast

  • Crux Communications

  • Deloitte

  • Education Elements

  • Ernst and Young (EY)

  • Gartner Group

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Huckabee and Associates

  • IBM Global Services

  • InfoSYS

  • Microsoft

  • Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

  • McGraw Hill

  • Oracle

  • Parthenon

  • Pearson Education

  • Public Consulting Group

  • Verizon

  • Wallace Foundation

Professional Organizations
In order to stay current in the fields of education and technology, CELT partners and works collaboratively with an array of professional organizations at the national and international level. CELT also provides services to many of these organizations.Below is a partial list of professional education, technology, and management associations that CELT closely monitors and learns with:
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