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IT Planning and Staff Development

Do you need a way to increase student achievement, enhance staff productivity,

enable parental involvement, and build effective learning communities?

Contemporary learning is an ever-changing and complex task. Not only does it require physical infrastructure, such as a school building, it also requires a complex, costly, and reliable digital infrastructure that students need to learn and educators need to teach.

This is more than simply plugging in a computer and loading software.

For technology to be truly effective in today's education system, it needs to be integrated into a rich, learner-centered environment. But how does education technology improve student learning? What evidence can we gather to determine if it is? How can data be communicated effectively to teachers, parents, and community members?

CELT’s Information Technology Services

You choose the model that suits the needs and budget of your learning organization:

  • Electronic Tools and Templates

  • Regional Workshop Series

  • Online Collaboration and Support

  • Onsite Professional Services

A comprehensive IT Blueprint will accommodate 21st century learning, improve student achievement, enhance staff productivity, and save three to four times more than the plan costs.

There are hundreds of research-based, classroom applications of technology that can make a real difference for your students. How do teachers connect these powerful solutions to student achievement and what are the skill sets necessary for their use? CELT is your partner in developing, implementing, or assessing a comprehensive technology blueprint to meet the needs of your school district or educational organization now and in the future. Even if you already have an information technology blueprint or plan, CELT can help you maximize its effectiveness throughout your organization. Our job is to help keep the school-home-community connection alive and well.


Click the image to view CELT's IT Planning Brochure

  • Technology Assessment and Needs Analysis

  • Research and Best Practices Archive

  • Comprehensive Information Technology Blueprint

  • Web-based Staff Development Workshops and Certificate Programs

  • Total Cost of Ownership and Funding Strategies

  • Technology Plan Reviews

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