Board of Directors

CELT's Board of Directors guides the overall philosophy and direction of the organization. With a diverse background in education, business, and technology, the members reflect CELT's global reach and perspective. Board Members share the common goal of taking action to increase student achievement and academic success through leadership, learning, and technology and bring broad vision and experience to this important mission.
John Phillipo
Dr. John Phillipo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT). CELT assists schools and universities in linking 21st century educational reforms with the effective use of information technology. Dr. Phillipo is nationally and internationally recognized as a resource consultant for learning organizations, businesses, and state/federal departments of education on issues related to architecting and implementing a "digital” infrastructure in support of contemporary teaching, learning, and management. He has taught graduate courses, authored journal articles, and made numerous presentations on interactive and virtual learning technologies and their impact on student achievement and educational leadership. Dr. Phillipo is a former science/math teacher and school administrator. He has served as director of a national technology "lighthouse” program for at-risk youth, as well as a developer/demonstrator for three nationally validated (USDOE/OERI) education technology programs. Two of these programs received a Presidential award for their outstanding public/private sector partnerships. He has coordinated several national research projects focused on using web-based decision support systems to improve the development of curriculum and management of learning. He coauthored the article: Learning Management System: The Missing Link and Great Enabler. Dr. Phillipo completed his doctoral degree studies at the Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in the area of administration, planning, and social policy.
Isa Zimmerman
Isa Kaftal Zimmerman is the principal of IKZ Advisors, LLC where she works as a resource for people in Massachusetts and throughout the world, who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. She has been a Superintendent of Schools, a high school principal and assistant principal, a junior high school teacher, and Division Director of the Technology in Education Program and Associate Professor at Lesley University. She was senior fellow at the UMass Donahue Institute and the UMass President’s Office. She served on Governor Patrick’s Readiness Project and the Secretary’s and the Commissioner of Education’s 21st Century Skills Task Force. She served on the MA Governor's STEM Advisory Council and the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council for two terms in each.